Membership conditions

You can become a member of when:

  • you are an owner of a B&B or Charming Hotel (with no more then 10 guestrooms)
  • a complete breakfast is included in the price
  • you are not managing a Motel, Hotel or Recreation Park

1. Rules and Guidelines

In your subscription placement you should take care to keep the following guidelines in mind

  • Text will be in lower case, no UPPER case
  • No HTML codes will be used in your advertising text
  • Email and internet addresses may not form part of the contents
  • You should place at least one photograph on your page, giving a good view of your B&B
  • Any taxes must be included in the price of the room
  • The owner of the B&B is responsible for the content of his presentation page
  • We suggest to translate the contents in 3 languages (nl,eng,fr)
  • We ask you to update the contents of your web page on a regular basis as required

2. Memberships

Prices are in Euro’s per year (incl. Tax/VAT). The yearly subscription can be entered at any moment and is NOT automatically renewed. One week before your membership expires you autmatically reveive an invitation through email to upgrade your account or not.

You are NOT OBLIGED to upgrade your membership.If you don’t make a payment, you automatically become a Free Member. This means that only your contact details can be seen on the site (no page of details). If you wish to be completely removed from our database, you can easily do this by sending an email through the fill-out form on the contact page. You don’t have to pay a compensation of termination or other hidden costs.

4. Terminating by BBguide

BBguide reserves the right to terminate a subscription when:

  • BBguide receives complaints about a related B&B
  • a B&B does not respect the requirements of subscription